2020 Spring Conference Resource Group Report

  • 20 May 2020 9:47 AM
    Message # 8981803
    Andi Erbskorn (Administrator)

    . I also came across the Music, Material Culture, and Interpretation Resource Group sheet while trying to organize some things. So, I apologize for the now very late report.

    We had 11 people that attended the resource group.

    Topics discussed: Masquerades; Music - specifically temperance and where to look for music; Children's peep shows - discussing that they tended to be more of an "in the home" family entertainment; the fact that garter's should be promoted for women to use as well as men; Temperance - what led to it (PTSD of Civil War)

    Conference sessions and/or presenters: Masquerade mask making workshop; hair jewelry/wreaths workshop; Penmanship workshop; How to entertain family (non-modern tech) session; Parlor games and entertainment for Friday night part of Conference (have them at tables and you travel to different tables)

    Resources or other information shared: Ann Barnett in Indiana for Temperance music performing; Carpet bag frame- Look for 12 or 16" internal tubular frame with 3.5" leg on Amazon; Kannik's Korner - Theater materials; Hat Pins - antique stores are best as modern made ones tend to be either too thick or too thin; "Waistcoats", covers 18th-19th century, book is back in print; "Women's Shoes in America" by Nancy Rexford is good reference; 



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