IBoard of Directors

Members of the MOMCC Board of Directors

 Elected term expires Nov. 2021
 Mike Follin, 

 Vice President Elected term expires Nov. 2021 Gail Richardson 



 Elected term expires Nov. 2020 Dawn Bondhus Mueller EMAIL

 Elected term expires Nov. 2020 Debra A. Reid, The Henry Ford EMAIL
 Member at Large Elected term expires Nov. 2021 Jim Patton EMAIL
 Member at Large Elected term expires Nov. 2021 Ann Cejka EMAIL
 Member at Large Elected term expires Nov. 2022Kate Garrett, Kline Creek Farm EMAIL
 Fall Conference Coordinator Appointed expires Nov. 2020 Monique Inglot, Volkening Heritage Farm EMAIL
 Spring Conference Coordinator Appointed expires Nov. 2020
 Becky Crabb
 Editor in Chief  
 Appointed expires Nov. 2019 Tom Vance
 Past President Elected term expires Nov. 2021 Betsy Urven EMAIL
 Appointed expires Nov. 2020 Andi Erbskorn, Heritage Sylvania
 Membership Coordinator  Appointed Term Melinda Carriker EMAIL
Conference Registrar Appointed non-voting member
 Ed Crabb, Buckley Homestead

MOMCC Job Descriptions


Elected officers                                                                  Board appointed members

President                                                                                Editor in Chief of the Magazine

Vice President                                                                      Spring Conference Coordinator

Secretary                                                                               Fall Conference Coordinator

Treasurer                                                                               Web Master

Past President

3 Members at Large

All have voting privileges. 

All Board members must be an Individual or Household member of MOMCC in good standing.

Adjunct Members:                                           

Conference Registrar                                                           

Vendor Room Coordinator                                               

Resource Committee Chairs

Membership Coordinator

These appointed members may attend Board meetings in a non-voting capacity. 

Their volunteer service is invaluable to the organization. 

They are appointed for two years, may be reappointed and can serve indefinitely.

Terms of office…elected officers

The President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are elected for a term of two years by the voting members of MOMCC as outlined in the Bylaws.  The President and Vice President are elected in odd numbered years.  The Secretary and Treasurer are elected in even numbered years.  Members at Large serve a 3 year term and are elected one per year on a 3 year rotating schedule. 

Newly elected members take office at the close of the Annual Meeting.

Appointed Board Members

The Editor in Chief and the MOMCC Webmaster are appointed by the Board for two year terms.  They may be reappointed and can serve indefinitely.  The spring and Fall Conference Coordinators are appointed for three year terms, may be reappointed and may serve indefinitely.

Any Board Member may be removed from office for absences from three consecutive, separate Board meetings, failure to fulfill duties as assigned, improper conduct or misuse of funds or property as judged by two-thirds of the Board of Directors.  Vacancies created during the term of office may be filled by appointment by the Board of Directors, except the vacancy of President, which is filled by the Vice President.  Filling an unexpired term does not prevent Board Members from being elected to full terms of office.

 Duties of the Board of Directors (MOMCC Bylaws Article V):

The elected officers and appointed Board members shall control and manage the affairs of MOMCC in accordance with the Bylaws and shall be vested with responsibility and control of all property of MOMCC held in trust for the benefit of MOMCC, and shall have the power to authorize all acts on behalf of MOMCC except to amend or change the Bylaws. 

The Board of Directors may make rules for the conduct of its own meetings, and in the absence of any such rules, said meetings shall be conducted according to Roberts Rules of Order.

The Board of Directors may act and ballot by mail, telephone, fax, e-mail, or otherwise as determined by the Board of Directors. The Secretary shall count and record Board of Directors ballots for each action.

The Board of Directors shall advocate and conform to the MOMCC Statement of Professional Conduct [adopted by the MOMCC membership November 2004] and with the parameters established by the MOMCC Articles of Incorporation, 1992, amended January 1995. Section 3

The Board of Directors shall review the Bylaws at least every five years, but more often if necessary.


This committee is composed of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Past President.


The President presides at all meetings of MOMCC and Board of Directors meetings and acts for the Board of Directors in matters of administration and program between meetings.

·         Acts as the official representative of MOMCC. 

·         Has the authority to appoint such other committees and officials as may be deemed necessary by the Board of Directors. 

·         Prepares a report annually to the Board of Directors.

·         The President (or his appointed representative) shall represent MOMCC at regional meetings held during the ALHFAM conference.

·         May hold the same position for not more than two consecutive terms.

·         Serves as the immediate Past President following his or her term of office.


The Vice President performs all duties of the President during the latter's absence or disability, and shall succeed to the office of President in the event of the withdrawal or resignation of the President. 

  • Assists the Members-At-Large with marketing, including publicizing the organization and the conferences.
  • Coordinates the nominating committee during a non-presidential election year.
  • Functions as a conference troubleshooter. This includes addressing attendee’s problems, providing information on sessions and workshops, assisting attendees with rides to workshops, and promoting the organization to new members.
  • Performs public relations for the good of the organization.
  • Performs other duties as appointed by the President and Board.
  • May hold the same office for not more than two consecutive terms.


Serves in an advisory capacity and performs duties as assigned by the President or Board of Directors.

  • Attends Board meetings to serve as a voting member
  • Advises and supports the current president and board regarding past decisions or procedures, if needed. 
  • Recruits and supports chairs for the resource committees making sure that every resource group has a leader for the yearly conferences, keeps the Board updated as to the status of the committees through reports, and advocates for the different committees as needed.
  • Serves as nominating committee chairperson, if the current Vice President (who normally holds this position) is running for reelection.
  • Performs other duties as appointed by the President and Board.


Keeps all records of transactions, makes a record of deliberations of MOMCC and sends to the members all notices required by the Board of Directors.  

  • Serves as custodian of MOMCC records that shall be made available to any member upon presentation of a written request to the Board of Directors. 
  • Attends Board meetings and other designated meetings.
  • Prepares minutes of the Board of Directors meetings and distributes these minutes to the Board Members within 30 days of the meeting. 
  • Prepares minutes of the Annual Meeting and ensures that these minutes are published in the MOMCC Magazine for MOMCC membership approval at the next annual meeting.
  • Prepares and sends ballots to the membership. Ballots are sent electronically or by first class mail on August 31. Ballots include instructions for voting and for the return of the mail ballots to the Secretary or appointed designee.  The Board of Directors appoints two members to open, count the ballots and report results to the President. Ballots must be returned within thirty days, postmark to postmark.  Ballots returned after thirty days shall not be counted.  Any action will become effective immediately.  The results are confirmed at the next annual meeting.
  • Prepares and provides information contact lists for the Board. 
  • Provides historical and/or pertinent information to new Board members.
  • Serves as the unofficial archivist for the organization.  Collects, organizes and forwards documents and material culture to the MOMCC archives housed at The Henry Ford
  • Maintains a set of working archives (critical documents) with the secretary.  The Past President is in communication with the Resource Group Chairs and will see that each chair has a copy of duties and the reporting form.
  • Performs other duties as appointed by the President and Board.
  • The Secretary may be re-elected indefinitely.


The Treasurer collects, and by order of the President and/or Board of Directors, disburses all funds of MOMCC and keeps regular accounts of all receipts and disbursements of monies due or payable which at all times shall be open to inspection by the Board of Directors.  The accounts of the Treasurer will be audited annually, and at any time as deemed necessary or appropriate by the Board of Directors.   The Treasurer provides written financial reports for each Board Meeting and a written financial report to the membership at each Annual Meeting.


Details associated with these duties entail:

  • Processing all income (dues, conference registrations, magazine sales, etc)
  • Paying all bills in a timely fashion
  • Maintaining accessible records of all transactions, both current and archived
  • Manages organizational funds including checking, credit card transactions, restricted funds (25th Anniversary Endowment) and short-term investments (money market, CDs)
  • Bills members for dues quarterly
  • Produces written reports (income and expenses; balance sheet) for each board meeting
  • Prepares end-of-fiscal-year reports
  • Prepares an annual budget based on board recommendations
  • Monitors spending to ensure budget compliance
  • Assists the conference registrar to ensure that financial details are accurately and completely recorded, reported, and disbursed
  • Completes end-of-conference reports with documentation provided by the conference registrar
  • Organizes financial aspects of semi-annual auctions
  • Facilitates annual audits
  • Completing Form 990N postcard) annually, filing it in a timely manner with the Internal Revenue Service
  • Performs other duties as appointed by the President and Board.
  • The Treasurer may be re-elected indefinitely


Member-at-large (there are three) and the Vice President serve as the Marketing Committee to promote MOMCC and its goals. They are responsible for obtaining new members and advertising conferences. Marketing is accomplished through but not limited to press releases, receptions, magazine membership solicitations and the Candice T. Matelic Award.


  • One Member-At-Large is elected at each annual meeting by the voting membership of MOMCC to serve for a three-year term.
  • Members-At-Large may be re-elected indefinitely
  • The Members at Large have divided their responsibilities and assigned tasks to each member at large position.  These positions may be interchanged among the three elected members.

Duties of the Member-At Large includes the following, to be divided among three elected individuals

o    Membership

·         Recruit new members

·         Develop and maintain “welcome packet” for new MOMCC members and “first-time” conference attendees, including a YouTube video welcome from President and Board members

·         Maintain periodic communication about upcoming conference in conjunction with conference coordinators and planners

·         Periodically conduct electronic surveys of members, compile results and submit reports to the Board of Directors and appropriate resource groups

·         Other duties as assigned by the President or the Board of Directors.

o    Publicity

·         Promote MOMCC as the Midwestern living history organization

·         Promote upcoming conferences in conjunction with Conference Coordinator.

·         Work with conference planners to obtain local and regional mailing lists (of potential attendees, supporters, vendors, institutions, partners) for each conference

·         Prepare and issue announcements for MOMCC projects and events

·         Other duties as assigned by the President or the Board of Directors.

o    Education

·         Electronic resource management including developing, soliciting and maintaining member service materials, i.e., Skill Clips and conference handouts

·         Ensure MOMCC message consistency and quality in keeping with MOMCC Standards of Conduct.

·         Support ALHFAM-related initiatives

·         Other duties as assigned by the President or the Board of Directors

o    Recognition and Awards

·         Recognize Individuals and Institutions for excellence in interpretation, service and publication.

·         Prepare and insure announcement for the Candace T. Matelic Award: receive submissions for review in conjunction with fellow Award team members and issue announcement of winner

·         Vet nominations or solicit information for select awardees

·         Announce recipients and present awards

·         Other duties as assigned by the President or the Board of Directors



The Editor-in-Chief of the Midwest Open Air Museums Magazine has editorial responsibility for all publications, solicits articles and advertisers, produces the publications, and working in conjunction with the Treasurer is responsible for making sure all bills for the publication are submitted in a timely fashion.

  • Provides editorial and production direction for the MOMCC Magazine, which is produced three times per year.
  • Complies with established policies and guidelines of the Magazine.
  • Meets all deadlines associated with the Magazine.
  • Determines story content, design and packaging of the MOMCC Magazine as well as story assignment and deadlines for completion.
  • Oversees the solicitation of articles, photos, illustrations, and other material from MOMCC members and committees.
  • Edits proposed articles for publication before they are submitted to MOMCC. Editing involves working with the authors.
  • Is responsible for operating within the established budget, including generation of advertising revenues and sales.
  • Determines content of editorial page.
  • Represents the Magazine to the public in a way that enhances the reputation of MOMCC.
  • Works with MOMCC Magazine, the MOMCC Marketing Committee, Resource Group Chairs, and the Board of Directors to prepare an annual Editorial Calendar.
  • Reviews proofs from MOMCC Magazine before printing.
  • Oversees and coordinates assignments amongst MOMCC Magazine Editorial Team members.
  • Attends a minimum of one MOMCC Conference a year.
  • The Editor-In-Chief of the Midwest Open Air Museums Magazine is a Board appointed position and serves a two years term with possible reappointment


Fall and Spring Conference Coordinators proposes future host sites and Conference Chairs.  They work with the Board of Directors and appointed Conference Chairs to provide quality, cost-effective conferences.

  • Serve as liaisons between conference chairs and the Board.
  • Represent the Board’s interests in discussions with and decisions for the conference chairs.
  • Act in an advisory manner, assisting conference chairs in organizing the conferences.  In essence, the conference coordinators are the board members responsible for the conferences.

·         Search for and proposing future host sites

·         Contact and procure future conference chairs

·         Work with the conference chairs on a regular basis, providing assistance as needed  or required to ensure the production of high quality conferences

·         Distribute call for papers and conference announcements through appropriate electronic media outlets

·         Oversee progress and final reports to the Board

·         Organize the Board members’ duties at conferences, which would include assigning session hosts, working the registration table, or other activities requested by the Program or Local Arrangements Chairs.

·         Ensure the procurement, distribution, collection, and analysis of session evaluations and conference surveys

·         Write thank you notes to speakers, to include session evaluation forms.

·         Coordinators also must present to the Board the conference guidelines for review every four years. They should be actively reviewing and proposing revisions to the guidelines.

  • The Spring and Fall Conference Coordinators are appointed by the Board of Directors and serves a three year term with possible reappointment   


The Digital Media Coordinator maintains MOMCC’s digital presence in a timely fashion. The DMC has editorial responsibility for the content of digital media to include the website and social media accounts and reports to the Board of Directors. 

·         Develop and facilitate a team that will administer the MOMCC digital presence by keeping content and design current to address the needs of the membership

·         Coordinate website design and image which promotes organizational brand, reflects professionalism and communicate MOMCC’s dedication to history  

·         Encourage institutional members to advertise and promote their events and conferences which align with MOMCC’s mission

·         Ensures compliance with appropriate organizational policies and legal requirements.

·         Monitors email inquiries and forwards the inquiry to the appropriate board member for response.

·         Assists conference registrar in posting and removing conference registration in a timely manner 

·         Maintains keys for digital accounts, appoints administrators for social media as needed.

·         Monitors social media accounts for appropriate content 

·         Attends Board Meetings 

·         The DMC is a Board appointed position and serves for a two year term with possible reappointment


The Conference Registrar serves as a member of the MOMCC financial team to facilitate registration for the spring and fall conferences. The Registrar reports to the Treasurer to ensure accurate accounting of conference registration income, and will communicate with Coordinators and Local Arrangement Chairs to ensure that all registrations are handled in a timely and professional manner.

  • Coordinate online posting of conference registration packet immediately upon its completion and Board approval
  • Receive completed conference registrations
  • Process registrations
  • Enter all registrations in a database such as Access or Excel
  • Follows internal controls to ensure proper accounting
  • Forward all payments to the treasurer for timely depositing – this includes checks and credit card payments which the Treasurer processes and deposits
  • Forward vendor registrant list to membership & vendor coordinators 2 weeks before conference
  • Keep track of cancellations
  • Notify the Treasurer of all refunds necessary due to registration cancellations
  • Produce pre-conference reports to inform the conference committee of meal counts, room needs based on registration preferences, workshop registrants, etc.
  • Produce name tags, vendor name tags, meal tickets for vegetarians, registrant lists, etc., prior to the conference
  • Set-up and oversees the registration table at the conference, coordinating its staffing with conference coordinator
  • Produce an end-of-conference report based on the established model
  • Keep accurate records and a full conference ledger to ensure that all funds submitted with registration are processed and properly accounted for
  • Attends Board meetings and conferences
  • Conference Registrar is appointed by the Board of Directors for a term of two years, with possible reappointment



Resource Group Coordinators are responsible for promoting active advancement and of skills and knowledge within their respective groups. These persons coordinate each of the interest groups that meet at the conferences. The Coordinators also encourage interaction among the group between conferences.

Each group also has a presence on the website message board. 

  • Attend at least one conference each year.
  • Appoint someone to fill in as chairperson if unable to attend a conference.
  • Attend the post-conference wrap-up Board meeting to give the oral summary and brief written report. 
  • Attendance at pre- and post-conference Board meetings is encouraged. President informs Chairperson of meeting date/time/location.
  • Prior to Resource Group meeting:

o    List 2-3 discussion topics or make agenda.

o    Get a report form (get from Past President).

  • At Resource Group meeting:

o    Lead discussion.

o    encourage action on topics discussed

  • further research with information posted on website
  • magazine article
  • arrange mentor
  • future conference session
  • create workshop          

o    Fill out or have someone fill out report form.

o    List everyone attending meeting.

  • At Fall MOMCC Annual Meeting:

o    Give brief oral report of resource group.

  • After Resource Group meeting:

o    Post a report of the discussion in the appropriate folder on the message board.

o    Encouraged - Write or obtain article(s) for the magazine.  Coordinate with the Editor in Chief.

o    Encouraged - Obtain sessions and speakers for upcoming conferences.  Coordinate with conference chairpersons.  Thus the resource group will sponsor sessions.

  • Resource Group Coordinator is a Board appointed position and serves a term of two years, with possible reappointment


The vendor room coordinator serves as the liaison between conference vendors and conference planners to facilitate a smoothly operating vendor room during the spring and fall conferences. 

He/she is responsible to the Spring/Fall conference coordinators.

·         Contact the conference registrar for the current listing of vendors, addresses, & emails. (Include MOMCC in the subject heading)

  • Contact the local arrangements chair for names of vendors he/she has solicited for the vendor room.
  • Solicit other possible vendors.
  • email or mail a copy of the vendor guidelines to all vendors prior to the conference
  •  Receive and record required vendor information
  • Receives vendor names from conference registrar at least two weeks before conference, forwarding names and number of tables needed to the local arrangements chair.
  • Be available to meet vendors as they arrive to set-up or arrange for another MOMCC member to serve in this capacity.  (Be sure to provide information on their responsibilities)
  • Check with the vendors during the conference to make sure that their needs are met.
  • Send thank you to all vendors for their participation.  Include dates and location of next conference inviting them to again participate.
  • Create a brief evaluation sheet for vendors to fill out before the end of the conference to address their needs and issues.
  • The Vendor Coordinator is a Board appointed position and serves for a two year term with possible reappointment

Membership Coordinator

             The Membership Coordinator is MOMCC’s point-person responsible for maintaining accurate membership rolls, assisting in seamless membership renewals, and fostering membership growth.

  • Maintains membership database in coordination with packaged membership/registration/web platforms
  • prepare distribution lists for: ballots to the Secretary; magazine to the Editor; and conference programs to conference chairs/registrar and editor
  • Receive participating vendor information from registrar with each conference and updates vendor contact list
  • Prepare membership reports for Board meetings
  • Establish dues renewal schedule (i.e. coordinate first email reminder one month before due date with webmaster/registrar, second one week after expiration, etc.)
  • Send printed reminder via USPS to members who do not renew after electronic reminders
  • Prepare membership promotional material in coordination with Members-At-Large for Board review
  • Membership Coordinator is a Board appointed position and serves for a two year term with possible reappointment



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