Summary of 2018 Fall Meeting

  • 12 Dec 2018 1:10 PM
    Message # 6957181

    Interpretation, Music...Resource Group on 11/9/18

    Number of people attending: 15

    Meeting summary and topics discussed: 

    Folkwear has a new 1940s every day dress pattern.

    Discussed how to research 19th century African American history - Yulanda Burgess shared a lot of info on this. 

    Disscussion on how to recreate missing cast iron stove doors for a stove at Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop and Farm - Ericka may have sources. Discussion on talking with schools that have classes that use 3D printing as making pattern for door may be a good project for a class to partner on.


    Book "Waistcoats" - Ericka says it's fabulous. Look for other books from the Hopkins collection.

    New book "Stays and Corsets".

    Facebook group "Who Wore What in the American West" has great historic pictures they post.

    Sons and Daughters of Ham - good period African American sources

    The Provincial Freedman - Canadian journal with African American info

    "Jubilo! The Emancipation Century" website recommended for African American information 

    Resources or other information shared:

    Fugawee shoes not wearing well - 1 pair died in 9 weeks on someone. Other possible shoes could be to buy Congress boots at Target. Rubber overshoes are period appropriate for many time periods.

    Confrence Session Requests:

    20th Century topics - Interpreting suffrage, WWII, mid-20th furnishings

    Chataqua - Sara Jaquays could present

    Ask Deb to present on chairs again

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