A New Invasive Insect

  • 01 Aug 2021 11:01 PM
    Message # 10788369

    A new invasive insect is heading into the Midwest.  Spotted lantern fly is a large plant hopper accidentally introduced into Eastern PA and discovered in 2014.  Since then it has moved fairly rapidly with adults found just over the east Ohio border. Some have also been found on shipments of nursery stock.

    It sucks the sap from woody plants, preferring the tree of heaven, but also feeding on several other species as well. It has been reported to be especially devastating to grapes and also feeding on cherry, maple ant others.

    It is large for a plant hopper and actually quite a striking insect at every stage of development. It does lay eggs on any smooth surface so can be transported long distances as egg masses attached to equipment, firewood, etc.

    With the wide variety of crops grown at museum facilities, it would be good to keep an eye out for this pest.  If found, report it immediately  to your state's department of agriculture.

    For much more detail and a look at just how gorgeous this insect is, start with this link:


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